More information and FAQs

We are conveniently located on Essex Road right opposite to Sainsbury's Supermarket between Englefield Road and Northchurch Road. Right outside our doors is the bus stop for bus routes 38, 56, 73, 341, 476, N38 and N73


Question(1) I have always used other pharmacie(s) to get my medications and other services, now that you have moved nearer to me can I get all my medications and services at Leoprim Chemist?

Answer(1) 'YES! WE CAN ORDER YOUR MEDICATIONS FROM YOUR SURGERY AND HAVE IT READY FOR YOU TO COLLECT FROM US OR EVEN DELIVER IT TO YOU!... Just come and speak to us, call us on 020 7704 2987 or email us at We can also provide other pharmacy services as described on our website.'

Question(2) How can I start using Leoprim Pharmacy? Do I have to do anything?

Answer(2) The process is very simple and straight forward, just come to the pharmacy and give us your consent to keep your repeat slip to order your medications from the surgery for you, either in person or by means of electronic transfer, when you or a representative of yours contact us to do so.

Question(3) Once I give Leoprim Chemist my consent, how does the Repeat Collection and Delivery Service work?

Answer(3) Simply ring, email or visit us at least FOUR working days before you run out of your medication(s) for us to re-order from your surgery for you, then just visit us at least FOUR working days after your initial request so that you can collect your medication(s) which we will have ready for you saving you unnecessary trips to the surgery and to the pharmacy and possible second visits to the pharmacy due to medication(s) out of stock. We are open from 9 to 7 on weekdays and from 9 to 4 on Saturdays so you can pick up your medication(s) after work. If you are housebound, disabled or elderly we will deliver your medication(s) to you.

Pharmacist J. R. Patel