At Leoprim Chemist we provide NHS services and work closely with Islington PCT.

Our services include Dispensing both NHS and Private Prescriptions, Emergency Hormonal Contraception supply (morning after pill), Smoking Cessation, Repeat Prescription Collection and Delivery Service, Screening Services such as: Glucose, Blood Pressure and Weight Management.

We have a private consultation room approved by Islington PCT and available for your use. So, if you wish to talk to the Pharmacist on duty in private, or any of our helpful and qualified pharmacy staff, we can arrange this for you. It can be embarrassing or difficult to talk to staff in front of other patients in the pharmacy about a medical condition, at Leoprim Chemist we understand this, so, just ask if you would prefer to discuss anything in the privacy of our consulting room.

For more information in detail about our individual services please browse through the service list on the left of this page.

Pharmacist J. R. Patel